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Erik Cataldo


"Erik, born in Sicily, spent his formative years between Italy and Berlin. In Germany, he immersed himself in the study of Musical theater and Contemporary dance, embarking on an academic journey dedicated to honing his craft at "Danceworks Berlin". The theaters became a second home throughout his life, with Erik contributing to diverse productions mainly in Germany and participating in various dance projects.

Guided by a deep passion for music and the arts, Erik constantly sought to expand his horizons, driven by an insatiable curiosity. His professional journey led him to collaborate with German contemporary companies and renowned choreographers such as Michael Langeneckert, Tim Rusthon, Christina Mertzani, and Heidi Weiss, among others. However, a compelling desire to explore new realities prompted him to venture to Belgium and subsequently the Netherlands.

In these countries, Erik found a creative home with Isabelle Beernaert, a distinguished choreographer, and worked diligently with her modern dance company. Later, he continued his journey with Lonneke Van Leth Dans, with whom he is currently collaborating. Following this enriching experience, Erik felt compelled to delve into personal projects, carving out a space to explore and express his artistic vision.”

Erik Cataldo
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