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Lonneke van Leth Dans is looking for free-lance dancers to join our company.

Who are we?

We are a professional dance company dancing for the youth all over the Netherlands.

With more than 250 performances every year and over a 1000 workshops we make kids enthusiastic for dance and dancing.

At the moment we have 12 running performances.

Who are we looking for?

Dancers with strong technique in modern dance, who's really expressive, interested in theatrical play and who love to dance for kids.

Our members are all free-lance dancers and all know a lot of the performances. Every year there will be one ore two new premiere (s).

Audition date 22 june only on invitation, in The Hague

Please send your CV , photo and showreel before 15th of June to

Lonneke van Leth Dans is looking for dancers! 

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